Yahoo Projects

During my time at Yahoo, I had the opportunity to work on a wide range of features and experiences for web and mobile search, from experiments to major tentpole launches.

Screenshot of Tumblr search results experience for query "Charleston" sometime after the horrific church shooting

Tumblr in Web Search Experiment

Explored ways to feature relevant, engaging Tumblr content in Yahoo web search results. Tumblr in Yahoo Search results (no longer ...
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Screenshot of search result for recent earthquakes near Oklahoma

Data-Driven Feature Generation: Earthquakes

Used USGS API to directly answer variety of query patterns looking for recent earthquake information. Recent earthquakes via USGS API ...
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Competitive UX & Content: Knowledge Graphs

As part of an ongoing competitor parity initiative, I collaborated with product owners, designers, engineers, and others in the Search ...
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Mashable: Yahoo Releases Top Searches of 2009

Using analytics tools unique to Yahoo’s mobile search platform at that time, I pulled monthly per-query volume data, compiled it, ...
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Screenshot of Search Engine Land awarding Yahoo Search with the best Olympics experience

Global Project Coordination: 2012 London Olympics

Ask Search leadership wanted to take advantage of our then-new content management platform to release a complete suite of Olympics ...
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