About Emily

I’m Emily Cannon (they/them). I’m a lifelong resident of the West Coast of the United States, currently in San Jose, but planning to move back to the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy cooking with plants, appreciating nature, and consuming stories (watching, reading, listening…). I came of age with the Internet and feel comfortable connecting and collaborating online.

I want to do work that helps people, whether that’s in public service or a mission-driven company. My educational background and work experience may seem like a meandering path, but to me, there are common threads. Each bend in the road reflects my deep curiosity about human behavior, builds methodical research and technical skills, and distills complex information so it can be communicated for broader understanding. In nearly every role I’ve held, I’ve used my ability to consult on issues and ideas, understand people and systems, and offer solutions based on that knowledge and experience. I broadened my horizons with classes and projects in user experience, research methods and analysis, data science and machine learning, instructional design, information theory, and digital humanities. And I’m ready to do more.

Map-style diagram of Emily's education and work experiences