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Cauliflower-lentil tacos

I recall seeing something about cauliflower-lentil tacos on @yackattack. Tonight I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner – I’m out of greens but still had some good stuff – and went looking for a recipe, ending up at Cookie & Kate.

There are a few modifications:

  • Black lentils instead of brown, because that’s what I had.
  • Romanesco cauliflower instead of regular, because that’s what I had.
  • Homemade corn tortillas, because it’s just better, dammit.
  • For lack of vegan mayo, I made the sauce out of cashews, water, and a little dollop of Kite Hill cream cheese, plus our favorite habanero-chipotle hot sauce, blended at high speed with lime juice. It’s nice and spicy and creamy.

Now, I didn’t intentionally make tacos because it’s Cinco de Mayo. That’s an iffy holiday for white Americans to celebrate, anyway. But they are delicious, if not exactly traditional. And I’m not wearing a sombrero, drunk on Corona and cheap margaritas, so there’s that.