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It started with a stalk of sprouts

I don’t usually like to get the stalks of brussels sprouts because the damn things already so much work to prep, but it called to me. I cradled it like a baby–a silent, green, nodule-covered, leafy baby. Mmm. And now you know too much about how my brain works.

So I prepared the brussels, starting with plucking all the sprouts off the stalk:

Then washed, trimmed, and sliced them all in half. This took a little over half an hour, as observed by watching an episode of The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail. And…what next? Brussels are best roasted…need more veggies…how about the other half of the kari squash from the other day? And for color, those three purple potatoes that are probably still hiding in the fridge somewhere?

These colors don’t run. They get tender.

OK, sure. Good. But then? That isn’t a whole meal yet. Tempeh? Yeah, sure. Cast iron cooking. How about shallots? Definitely, throw those in there too. Needs a sauce (*points to blog name*) to tie it all together + make it not totally fricking bland. Tahini + hot sauce + apple cider vinegar + nutritional yeast, add water, shake it up.

Oh yeah. Pretty good.