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Mushroom-cherry tomato sauce with spaghetti and wilted pea shoots


  • Olive oil and flour whisked together over medium low to make a roux
  • One big diced shallot and a pinch of salt sauteed with the roux
  • Then a few minced garlic cloves and a pinch of dried thyme
  • Add a whole bunch of sliced cremini mushrooms and keep stirring until things wilt
  • This also required a little more salt, a little more oil, and a splash of white wine, some more wine (hell, the rest of the bottle; there wasn’t much), and some water just trying to get the damn thing to a sauce-like consistency
  • Somewhere in there I threw in half a pint of cherry tomatoes, the bigger ones cut in half, and let them cook until they exploded or got squished on impact
  • When everything looked pretty good, a few splashes of balsamic vinegar got mixed in
  • After the pasta cooked, I put a bunch of nutritional yeast in there (NOOCH IS LIFE) and some pepper before mixing the pasta in with the sauce

Also threw a half pound bag of pea shoots in a pan with a little oil and a tiny bit of leftover pasta cooking water ‘til they got wilted.

This was actually pretty tasty, despite some questionable stages during the saucing process.