Vegan MoFo

Vegan MoFo Day 1: Nine Things About Me

  • Hi! I’m Emily (she/her or whatever), and I live in San Jose, California. I grew up in Oregon and Washington, but I’ve lived here since 2004.
  • I’m in my late 30s, making me, by most measures, an “elder millennial.” I’m fond of the “Oregon Trail generation” idea, though.
Above: An overly stern-looking photo of the side of my head! I’d just gotten a haircut! So fresh!
  • I’ve been vegan for 9-ish years. I didn’t note the date, so I don’t have an anniversary. Sad! I just know it was sometime in 2010, and apparently I neglected to tell my mom before she could go grocery shopping for Christmas. She was disappointed I would not be able to enjoy the cheeses she picked out.
  • My partner has been vegan basically forever. Longer than we’ve been together, which is almost forever. And I’ve cooked for him a lot, even before I took the vegan plunge myself.
  • This is not my first Vegan MoFo, but I forget how many years I participated before. Three? Four? It’s always a fun chance to challenge myself to try new things and follow different folks. Specifically, I’m aiming to post every day this month about something I haven’t made (or eaten) before.
Above: David Rose the bunny flops by the breezy back door, a favorite spot for casually observing the humans.
  • Some people are cat people. Some people are dog people. Me, I’m a rabbit person. Last year my two aged, cranky lops both passed, but we adopted this charming, energetic Dutch in February. Their name is David Rose, because I’m super fucking obsessed with Schitt’s Creek. Yes, they have an Instagram. (We’re also fostering guinea pigs.) Anyway, herbivores seem like pretty appropriate pets for vegans, right?
  • I’m about to start my second semester of a Master’s in Library and Information Science program later this month. I don’t want to be a librarian, but I do volunteer at my neighborhood library. Libraries are fucking awesome.
  • Other things I am into: taking pretty photos when I bother to go outside, reading sci-fi, watching good TV, having a lot of opinions about politics etc. because shit is depressing and horrible and it’s on us to try to change things.
  • I enjoy lists!