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Savory blueberry sauce

I made this up as I went, and it worked out pretty well.

First, sauteed a minced small red onion in olive oil with a little crushed red pepper until it started to brown. Then tossed in a handful (about ¼ cup) of fresh blueberries. I just don’t think it would’ve had the same sweet-tart bite with frozen. Everything cooked together, with the occasional stir, until the berries were getting soft and squishy. I smushed them with the back of my spoon. Then I added a few sprigs of fresh thyme and a generous pour of balsamic vinegar – probably around half a cup, but I just poured to almost cover everything else in my little saucepan – and let it simmer down. After everything cooked down for several minutes, it needed some water (again, maybe half a cup) and cooked down a little more. I think also added a small pat of white miso (maybe half a teaspoon) to imbue it with that more-than-salty depth that only miso can bring. The end result was pretty balanced, and worked well with all the other elements on the plate, including the macadamia cream to contrast the vinegar.

And I have the boyfriend to thank for the inspiration. I’ve mentioned before on this blog that my meal planning consists of the boyfriend giving me ingredient suggestions from the vegetable list on the fridge. Yesterday I asked him to give me something interesting to contemplate, and he included blueberries. It was a good idea.