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Collards & sweet potato crunch bowl

On Wednesday nights, I try to make something that comes together quickly, because I go to Pilates when I’m normally working on dinner. Lately, of course, I have time to get everything prepped before I go–either have everything ready to cook and serve or make it and let it cool off. Tonight I ended up trying a recipe from Salad Samurai I’d flipped past but never tried before, and man, I won’t sleep on it again. This is a pretty good bowl, and easy too!

The main components are sweet potatoes (roasted in chunks), collard greens (raw or gently cooked), black beans, scallions, spicy nuts, and an orange-based dressing. I used walnuts instead of the recipe’s pecans because that’s what I had on hand; I also threw in a cup or so of leftover cooked quinoa just because. It’s spicy and bright and delicious. You could probably buy some spicy candied nuts and use baby greens for something even faster, but this was simple enough.