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Chickpea omelet with veggies

I always like to try new things, so this morning I opted to go a different route for the semi-traditional fancy Saturday breakfast: the chickpea omelet (Vegan Richa’s recipe). Her recipe suggest this is cooked similar to an uttapam; I can see it, but I went a different way with the veggies and the flavors. I skipped the cumin in the batter and added nutritional yeast; for veggies cooked into the pancake I went with shallots, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and shredded carrot. Then I had these beautiful asparagus to use up (somehow I didn’t plan a menu around asparagus this week; clearly I am failing in my duties) so I tossed six of them in a pan with olive oil and a pinch of salt and let them go a bit greener before taking it off the heat and splashing with balsamic vinegar. I piled them on top of the omelet and sprinkled with fresh dill for Saturday Fancy flourish.

This was pretty good, though the boyfriend said he could “sometimes” taste the chickpea flour in an off-putting way (I am pretty sure I mixed it fine, but it may have cooked unevenly, especially that first one, so you’d get that raw flour taste) and might taste better thinner and more crepe-like. Something to consider for next time, I suppose. For mine, I enjoyed the crunchy exterior and fluffy interior a lot.