Vegan MoFo

Vegan MoFo Day 24: On the road

Earlier this month, we took a little vacation up to Mendocino, which gave us the chance to indulge in a classic American road trip ritual rarely enjoyed by vegans: the fast food burger and fries.

Above: Even the signage at Amy’s Drive Thru is pretty.

Usually I’d make some kind of hummus wrap thing, a quinoa salad, whatever–but not this time. This time, we got to go to Amy’s Drive Thru. I got a burger, fries, and drink (ginger mint lemonade). K got a burrito. We both got to appreciate the landscaping–no ball pits here, but a living roof? Low-water garden surrounding the whole place? Fantastic.

Above: This feels so…normal.

The fries disappeared while we headed north, but the burger waited until we were charging the car at a Walmart off 101.

Above: C is for Cookie.

OK, I did bake at least one thing: a nice batch of monster chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. 85% dark chocolate chips, too. Perfect for when you’re unfortunate enough to get your damn period while on vacation.