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#VeganMoFo Day 10: Making Fusion My Own

I mean, I guess, kinda. I love Indo-Chinese food, which is already a fusion, so I tried to make some of that at home: gobi manchurian and salt and pepper tofu with roti. Why reinvent a pretty good wheel?

OK, well, I did try to make it “me,” too. So it’s Indo-Chinese-Emily fusion. I baked the cauliflower in its batter – and threw in a few halved brussels sprouts, just to see if it’d work. (Verdict: kinda!)

I figured eating it with roti would lean into the “Indo” part of the fusion, but added a nicely minced scallion in the dough. I really like making flatbread. It takes some practice to roll the dough out perfectly thin and reasonably well-shaped. The way it puffs up when it hits the hot skillet is impressive. And really, it just tastes good for something that is so simple, ingredient-wise.