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Loaded baked potato

This wasn’t photogenic, but it was delicious.

I made some quick tempeh-black bean chili with an onion, jar of whole tomatoes, red pepper flakes, ground ancho chilies, cayenne pepper, cumin, coriander, three cloves of crushed garlic, and a splash of soy sauce to season. It came together very quickly and cooked down to a fairly thick chili – you don’t really want to eat a soupy chili over a potato.

To complement that, I made a green sauce by throwing the following in the VitaMix and letting it go until it was a nice, smooth, creamy consistency: handful of cashews, smaller handful of toasted pumpkin seeds, ripped up baby spinach, a few sprigs of cilantro, two chopped scallions, a tablespoon of nutritional yeast, a pinch of salt, and enough water to blend.

The potatoes were just microwaved, because goddamn, 45 minutes is a long fucking time to leave something in the oven.

There’s also some wilted chard and red cabbage, just to add more veggies.