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#VeganMoFo Day 21: Potatoes Are Stupidly Craveable

I have thought a lot about what to make for this prompt: potato soup? potato pastry? potato pizza? potato casserole? baked potato? potato salad? potato tacos?

Here’s what it is: the potato is that character actor who pops up in half of everything you love, and one day, has an important guest star turn or surprising, off-kilter lead role that lands them among a bog-standard set of award nominees. When they win, they give a heartfelt, teary-eyed speech but don’t have to be played off–humility in tact. They’re in it for the craft, after all.

Now, for me, I love a potato with texture – a well-seasoned oven fry or roasted wedge – and just a hint of funk. Russets are fine and all, but a knobby fingerling’s got personality. Nothing wrong with your average white-fleshed tuber, but there’s magic in the ones that slice up pink and purple (just please, no green).

Anyway…for the purpose of this post, I just made myself a roasted potato wedge snack to use up some fingerlings. Consider it a pilot episode, suggestive of greater things. Spend a little more time, and it could’ve been patatas bravas, breakfast hash, pizza topping, burger side…whatever. But my heart isn’t in it, today, to make the production. Simple isn’t bad. Especially with potatoes.