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Multi-purpose pesto drizzle

I signed up for Vegan MoFo, so maybe I will post more. Not that anyone follows me…which is all well and good, really. But for that, I really ought to bother to take pictures of my food. So more more plain text monstrosity.

This one’s easy: pesto dressing.

  • basil leaves – like, a handful
  • walnuts – also something like a handful
  • garlic – five or six cloves
  • olive oil – just poured some in
  • nutritional yeast – as much as it took
  • lemon juice – fresh squeezed, most of one
  • salt – just a pinch
  • water – to thin it out for blending purposes

Put in blender. Blend. Blend some more. Let sit.

We ate this with baked tofu + tomato slices, mixed greens and spinach, and brown rice. But it would work with any number of things, because pesto. Yup. That’s it.