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#VeganMoFo Day 8: Meet Some Friends I Made With Salad!

I have a couple friends who love salad. Their names are Lilly and Ollie and they weigh about four pounds each and have lopped ears. They’re total raw foodists, which isn’t for me, but I get it. Rabbits just have different digestive systems.


Their favorite foods include dandelion greens, escarole, fennel, parsley, cilantro, dill, lettuce, radishes, and carrots. (Carrots are a special treat.)


I have to admit this is sort of a cop-out, because I intended to make a salad we could BOTH enjoy, then show you both the human and rabbit versions, but it just didn’t happen. To make up for it, I took a video of me feeding one of the furballs.


Yes, her area is a damn mess. She makes it that way and I don’t sweep it up every hour. She is old and stuck in her ways.