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#VeganMoFo Day 27: Recreating & Overcomplicating A Gross Childhood Favorite

I loved mac and cheese – from the blue box or nothin’ – with cut up hot dog and peas as a kid. Because my palate was garbage. Though I have revisited mac and cheese since going vegan – so many variations, so little time – I never bothered with veggie dogs because blech. Processed bland crap. Hard pass.

For today’s prompt, I thought, I’d get as close as possible to that thing I made on lazy days off, but homemade. Even the cheese powder, FFS. The Homemade Vegan Pantry has a serviceable cheese powder recipe with finely ground cashews that’s combined with nondairy milk and simmered quickly for a suitably runny, salty sauce; Super Fun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook has a “smoky dogs” veggie dog recipe, which is rather like the steamed seitan and beany snausages I make all the time. 

I made a half recipe of veggie dogs, then sliced up and pan-fried one of them to put on top of my mac and cheese (with peas). It was just like childhood, only not.

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Kale salad with kabocha squash and sprouted lentils (roughly based on the one from Isa Does It) and some shells and cheesy sauce on the side. Homemade sauce of roux, garlic, leftover cashew cheese, white wine, and nooch. So much whisking.