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#VeganMoFo Day 23: Sunday Dinner

When I was a kid, sometimes we’d have roast in a bag for dinner: a big slab o’ meat baked in a weird, oven-safe nylon bag (it’s a thing! albeit not a thing I would use now), surrounded by vegetables–potatoes, carrots, green beans. Yer basic meat and potatoes, all in one easy go.

To revisit this meal, I made a mushroom-y seitan roast–which does bake wrapped in foil, so it’s kinda-sorta like the oven bag?–and a porcini jus to help flavor and moisten a whole roast pan of seitan and veggies.


Since the protein itself was already cooked and wouldn’t need a long time in the oven, I par-cooked the potatoes and carrots. The seitan roast sat atop some of the potato wedges, then a medley was nestled on each side. On top of that, I poured some of the jus.

I didn’t have a recipe to go off of for the overall assembly, so I just guessed: 20 minutes covered, 15 uncovered at 375 F. Seemed to work all right.


I mean, look how fucking normal that shit is.


Plated with some salad and a little more jus over the seitan, it’s, like, the most normal American shit I’ve made in ages. And it was pretty good!