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#VeganMoFo Day 4: Weird food combo you love

Maybe it’s a cop-out, but I can’t think of a single “weird” food combo I love. I watch so much food TV that any oddball combination I’d try seems based in legit cooking techniques. I even tried asking by boyfriend if he could think of something that fits the brief:

Boyfriend’s been vegan since he was 15, more than half his life. I can only claim five years or so. But it dawned on me: veganism IS the weird food combo, if you ask non-vegans.

I like pizza with NO cheese.

I like tahini sauce on kale.

Beans and wheat gluten make great sausage.

Nutritional yeast and tempeh belong in spaghetti.

Avocado replaces mayo on a sandwich.

And who needs cream when you can puree cashews and water in your Vitamix?

So I’ll keep experimenting and trying new things, because sometimes the weird becomes the favorite. Veganism forces this creativity by taking away a lot of obvious ingredients. It’s why I don’t agree when people say veganism seems too difficult: are you kidding – it’s not hard, it’s a challenge! Who doesn’t like a good challenge, especially when the cause is so important?

If you’re reading this and you haven’t taken the vegan plunge (heh), what’s so weird that you’re afraid to try it?