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#VeganMoFo Day 12: Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

When I think about food that gets me excited to go on a long plane ride, it has to be the glorious pineapple. Oh, I’d love to hop on a plane right now and take a four-year-long world tour of places that grow this delectable fruit. But, alas, there are reasons I need to be home. In theory. Supposedly.

Anyway. So I was thinking about pineapple and places to get it and decided to imagine a visit to Hawaii, completed with teriyaki tofu, rice, cabbage slaw, and grilled pineapple. It was delicious.

I did my best to make the plate look pretty. There’s crispy fried shallots and minced garlic atop the rice, black sesame seeds in the two-color slaw, pretty green onions piled on the freshly baked tofu, even a lovely flower nestled alongside (it’s a California-native variety of mallow, which is related to hibiscus).