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#VeganMoFo Day 28: Tacos vs. burritos

Here’s the thing: I was going to get a delicious burrito at my farmers’ market and then go home and make tacos and do a whole compare and contrast. But then my lower back (really, glutes) decided it was a great time to have a tantrum so doing much of anything is painful. (I even had a super intense massage, which made 95% of the pain disappear, and I was doing a happy dance until turning the car into the driveway triggered another spasm.)

Tl;dr: I didn’t make anything today. But let’s discuss the pros and cons of each.


  • Burritos: easy to pack and bring almost anywhere with minimal utensils and cleanup
  • Tacos: open-faced nature requires structured carrying, napkins, and sometimes utensils
  • Point: Burritos


  • Burritos: you can find a vegan burrito at at least a half dozen national chains, in airports, at farmers’ markets, as frozen food, at grocery store deli counters…
  • Tacos: many taco vendors offer only meat fillings
  • Point: Burritos


  • Burritos: while the fillings can be anything, the presentation and often the taste are very much the same
  • Tacos: its small size means experimenting with different combinations of veggies, salsas, proteins, etc. is incredibly easy, and often beautiful
  • Point: Tacos


  • Burritos: extra-large tortillas are harder to find in stores, and rolling an overstuffed burrito requires care and skill, usually perfected with experience
  • Tacos: any small tortilla will do–even homemade tortillas come together in a snap–and toppings can be made or bought in any quantity or quality, making it a quick dinner or an easy party buffet
  • Point: Tacos


  • Burritos: filling and easy to make into complete meal with beans, whole grains, avocado, salsa, and lots of veggies
  • Tacos: easier to control portion size and have with more greens or beans on the side than might be practical in a burrito
  • Point: Tie

There are no losers here, only winners. Tacos are what I’m more likely to make at home or at a family gathering; burritos are a go-to quick meal. Isn’t the world a better place with both?