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#VeganMoFo Day 4: Color, Composition, Technique

Today we’re asked how art inspires us in our cooking. I hope this doesn’t sound too pretentious, but cooking is–at least sometimes–my creative outlet, so arguably all my food is art (and would we call that pretentious? or… timeless?).


But we need inspiration for today. Here’s a lovely chickpea socca, tinted yellow with turmeric, topped with some market-fresh rainbow chard and seasoned with onion, garlic, allspice, cumin, white wine vinegar, dried apricot, and pistachios. There’s texture, color; flavors ranging from earthy to bright. (Recipe from Vegan for Everybody.)

Come with me on a journey, if you will.

You’re on vacation. Or just spending a day off in a city, or a town, or somewhere with a museum or gallery you want to spend a long, leisurely day exploring. At some point, you realize … you’re hungry. You need something simple and pleasant to keep your mood and energy up. You stroll into a cafe and order socca and a coffee and people-watch and chat about what you’ve seen so far and what to look at next.

It’s a good day.