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I love bread (probably not as much as Oprah, though)

Since getting my oven back, I’ve been on a mission to improve my bread-baking skills. My mom gave me a print-out of these instructions back at Christmas, and I finally had the guts to give it a shot. It required more patience than I usually have for cooking, well, anything, but I’ve got plenty of time.

The overnight-proofed starter+whole wheat flour+water mix ready to mix with more water and flours (rye, bread, spelt)

The dough, fully mixed and ready for a 24-hour rise

You guys. Bread dough feels so fucking good in your hands. I tried not to handle this too much, but it was a little addictive. If you haven’t made bread and you have any baking inclination, try it JUST SO you can feel the dough. It’s eeeeevverrything.

Fully baked loaf, dusted with semolina flour

I had a little trouble with the final rise–the damn thing stuck to the floured tea towel and left a bit of itself behind when I tried to dump it neatly into the (very hot) cast iron dutch oven to bake. But it turned out all right, with just a little oddball lumpiness on top. Character, I guess.

And the verdict is…

Seriously the most flavorful bread I’ve made by myself. And great texture. Well, we’ll see how it in the middle, and how it is when it cools. It’s quite lovely right now, though.